About Bon Bon's Nook

Bon BonBon Bon's Nook exists to provide nourishment in the form of healthy food, community and music. It was started from my dream of a pop-up cafe and offering cassava tortillas based on my own recipes.

Still very much in its infancy, Bon Bon's Nook represents a vibe and a set of ideals that include:

  • Food can be healthy, nourishing and accessible
  • People can be empowered to make their own tortillas at home as a way to transition off of bread and inflammatory grains
  • Music can bring people together, so let's move toward Peace Through Music (inspired by the foundation in Washington state)
  • A for-profit business can be about spreading fun, goodness and magic

Bon Bon's Nook is based out of Eugene, Oregon and may some day travel around the country to hippie-friendly destinations and festivals to provide tortilla mixes, art and other good things.

Your friend,
Sean Bon Bon

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